E-Flite Cap 232 BP
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The cap is always ready to go, and it's alwyas loads of fun. The plane is so light with such a large wing, it will fly well even with very little power. In the video below, the batteries were only capable of putting out about 7 amps. When I first bought them, they could regularly put out 13 or 14 amps.


Motor:Himax 2812-0850

ESC: Castle Creations Thunderbird 18

Propeller: APC 12x3.8 Slow-Flyer

Receiver: Great Planes Electrifly 4ch

Battery:1320mAh 3s under Power Lipo

Servos: Four E-Flite S75's

Flying Since June 2007


Wingspan: 35.5 inches

Wing Area: 425 square inches

Weight: 15 ounces

MY RATING (out of 5):

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