Estes  Sky Rangers Corsair
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Here it is with without the decals applied yet.  To save weight, I will probably order some 1/24 scale waterslide decals instead of applying the 'stickers' that came with the model.  It took about 20 minutes of googling, but I did find a model shop in New Zealand that will be able to ship a set of decals on January 2.  The description given for the decals is " Vought F4U Corsair, VF-84 aboard USS Bunker Hill
engaged in operations off the coast of Japan in early 1945."  Scale markings?  Sweet!

I am still shopping around for the right motor at the moment.  I have found 3 that will work, but I still have to decide on what balance of speed, thrust, and flight duration I'd like the plane to have.  There are several ESC's that will work that all weigh in between 4 and 6 grams, so I think I will wait until I select a motor and then purchase the ESC from the same vendor.  

I just picked up a very small (7.4V 320mAh) lithium polymer battery on fleabay yesterday, so my remaining shopping list for this conversion is: motor, esc, 2 more Blue Arrow 4.3g (or lighter) servos.  I have a small 6-channel receiver already, but I will see if anyone on RCGroups is willing to trade for a lighter, 4-channel version made by the same company.

The shopping list has been completed!  I'm only waiting for the motor, esc, and servos to arrive from China.  My total cost so far is $86.92, just $3 short of the 3-channel Cox RTF's (same airframe, but better radio equipment).  Once I remove them from the plane, I'm hoping to sell the stock radio, receiver, actuator, motor, & battery for $10, further reducing my cost to $76.92.

It's January 23rd, I've had all of the equipment I need for a week now, and I've separated the fuselage halves and removed and sold the crappy stock electronics.  I was about to get started mounting the motor and servos, but I needed a new tip for my soldering iron so I could solder the motor leads directly to the circuit board of the itty-bitty speed control.


Motor: Hextronic 2217-1700 16g

ESC: Plush 6A

Propeller: GWS 6x3 3-Blade

Receiver: GWS R4P II

Battery: 320mAh 2s lipo

Servos:Blue Arrow 4.3g, Blue Arrow 3.6g

Flying Since January 2008


Wingspan: 20 inches

Wing Area: 50 square inches

Weight: 104g (3.67oz.)

MY RATING (of 5): 2.9

Instructions - 3

Materials - 4

Construction/Assembly - 3

Appearance - 5

General Flight - 1

Flight Capabilities - 1