Green Models Gee Bee Y

Classic golden age flyer at 1/9th scale.

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My wife has shown interest in this plane since the first time she saw it in a magazine or an advertisement or wherever.  Father's Day '08 will finally bring the Gee Bee Y into my collection.

 Full Scale History

 Only two of the 'Model Y' Gee Bee's were produced by the Granville Brothers in the 1930's.  The plane was originally intended as a two-seat private plane, and it was used as such by the Granvilles and their employees for personal and company trips.  The Gee Bee Y also performed very well on the racing circuits, and it is purported that the Model Y won more races and winnings than the purpose-built  Gee Bee's.

The Model

The Gee Bee Y produced by Green Models is available in 3 color combinations: red/white, red/black, and yellow/black.  The model is constructed of balsa and plywood.


Motor:Scorpion 3008-28

ESC:Castle Creations Thunderbird 36

Propeller: Zinger 9x6

Receiver:GWS R6N II

Battery: 1800mAh 11.1V Lipo

Servos: Four HItec HS-55's

Flying Since June 2008


Wingspan: 40 inches

Wing Area: 306 square inches

Weight: 32.0 ounces

MY RATING (out of 5):

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