GWS Zero

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The instructions suffer from poor translation (Chingrish) in some areas, and you should search the web for recommended modification to the airframe or deviation from the instructions before you begin assembling the model.

The Zero looks very good in the air, and it handles extremely well. The slope version was a great value, and it will not be replaced anytime soon.

If you're a beginner with one or two planes under your belt, the GWS Zero would make a great first warbird.

I already had all of the receiver, servos, and power system on hand when I bought the airframe, so my GWS Zero so far proved to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck purchases I've made in this hobby at just $27. I used a brushless motor and lipo battery right from the start, resulting in a very low final weight, at just 12.75 ounces with an 1100mAh 11.1V lithium polymer battery. At that weight, it flies quickly enough with about 130-Watts of power. I can't imagine how horribly it might have flown with a heavier, yet underpowered, NiCd battery coupled with the stock brushed motor.

I was very anxious to get the plane flying, and so I hurriedly applied a monotone paint scheme and the included stickers after I was done building the plane. If I had it to do over again I would have counter-shaded the plane (dark on top, light on the bottom) and applied all of the markings with paint, not stickers.

My Zero has had a few bumpy landings but only one major crash. Some of the tabs connecting the cells in the battery cracked and separated mid-flight, and the plane immediately lost power and control. I was helpless to do anything, so I sat back and appreciated how straight and true it's glide to earth was. After re-attaching the broken wing with epoxy and removing as many of the crinkles in the cowl as possible, the Zero rose from the ashes and continues its reliable service today.


Motor: HImax 2812-0890

ESC: Castle Creations Thunderbird 18

Propeller: APC 9x9 Electric

Receiver: Great Planes Electrifly 4ch

Battery: 1320mAh 3s Thunder Power Lipo

Servos: Two HItec HS-55's


Wingspan: 33.5 inches

Wing Area: 204 square inches

Weight: 13.75 ounces

Flying Since December 2006

MY RATING (of 5): 4

Instructions - 3

Materials - 4

Construction/Assembly - 4

Appearance - 4

General Flight - 4

Flight Capabilities - 4