ParkZone F-27 Stryker
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The stryker has good looks and performance to match. Charging the battery and attaching the vertical stabilizers are the only steps necessary to get this plane ready to fly. The stryker is not suitable for a beginner, as it is very nimble and responds well to the controls; high and low control rates are selectable in flight.  I did eventually tire of burning up the sky with just three channels, but I imagine I would have enjoyed the plane longer if I had someone nearby with whom to use the optional Sonic Combat Module for some air-to-air excitement.

I owned this one a long time ago, and I unfortunately don't have any pictures or video of it.

The stryker was the second plane I bought, following the Aerobird Challenger by just 4 or 5 weeks.  My level of inexperience was probably to blame for the many serious crashes this plane endured.  Most, however, were easily repairable with epoxy.  I did eventually have to buy a replacement body, but it wasn't expensive.  I painted the replacement in a tiger stripe camoflauge pattern that was O.D. green/black on top and aircraft grey/black on bottom.  While it looked pretty cool, visibility was very poor and it was hard to keep track of in the air.

With very low wingloading (about 6 or 7 ounces per square foot), launching and landing were simple and uneventful--it was the speed and responsiveness during flight that usually got me into trouble. After getting used to the speed of this plane, I had quite a bit of fun with it. I did eventually get bored streaking around the sky with a 3-channel model, but I think the fun would have lasted if I had someone else to have some air-to-air combat with, using the optional Sonic Combat Module.

I eventually bought a brushless motor for the Stryker, but I sold the motor and airframe together before ever installing the motor.


Motor: Stock

ESC: Stock

Propeller: Stock

Receiver: Stock

Battery: 1000mAh 8sNiMH

Servos: Stock


Wingspan: 37 inches

Wing Area: 450 square inches (approx)

Weight: 20.5 ounces 

Flew October 2005 to March 2007 (sold)

MY RATING (of 5): 4.5

Instructions - 5

Materials - 4

Construction/Assembly - 5

Appearance - 5

General Flight - 4

Flight Capabilities - 4