T-28 Trojan
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I found this beauty hanging in a great hobby store in Billings, Montana, called Abell Hobby. I thought at first the price was a misprint, but, nope, $125 with the engine and all the radio gear!

The club had a fun-fly the day after I bought it, and this plane wasn't going to stay home that day. After about 2 hours of small repairs and checks, the Trojan was ready! All the ooh's and ahh's that the plane received on the ground were only echoed as I got two great flights in that day (only the wind would stop me from flying more).

OUCH! The next weekend, an unknown equipment failure brought the Trojan spinning to earth on just my 3rd flight. Luckily my wife was there to capture the carnage on video:

I'm still bummed about it, but you can bet there's another one like this in my future!


Engine: OS .65 LA Blue

Propeller: APC 12x7

Receiver: Futaba R127-DF

Battery: 4.8V NiCd

Servos: Five Futaba S3004's

Flew: 3 flights in June 2008


Wingspan: 62 inches

Wing Area: xxx square inches

Weight: 7.5 pounds

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