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Call me a sheep or a follower, but I sold my Magister to replace it with something [glow-powered] that would fit in a little better out at the club field.

I have had the Uproar out on 3 different occaisions, with great success.  Once it gets up to about 100' of altitude, it looks and feels very similar to my E-Flite Cap 232.  My first day of flying had a few nervy moments as I tried to land the Uproar on a small 20' by 120' patch of the runway that had the snow shoveled off of it.  As a result, I programmed a bit of flaperon mix into my radio, and the plane can slow down a little more when landing.


Engine: Magnum XLS 46

Propeller: APC 10x4

Receiver: Futaba R127-DF

Battery: Futaba 4.8V 600mAh

Servos: Hitec HS-311's

Flying Since April 2008


Wingspan: 48 inches

Wing Area: 618 square inches

Weight: 4 pounds

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